A shop represents a single sales channel, either a brick-and-mortar store or a web store.


Mandatory fields

Field Type Description
external_id String Your unique identifier for the shop.

Optional fields

Field Type Description
name String Name of the store.
email String Email address.
shop_type Enum String "offline" for brick-and-mortar stores and "online" for webstores and other online properties.
phone_number E.164 String Phone number to the store, e.g. +358101234567.
street_address String Street address of the store, e.g. Main Street 123.
city String City that the store is in, e.g. London.
country ISO 3166 String Two-letter country code, e.g. GB.


To upload new or changed shop information, you may pass them to Custobar using a HTTP POST command, e.g.

curl -X POST -u USER -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data-binary @shops.json

The shop objects must be provided as a list, wrapped into a JSON object, with a key shops, as shown in the example below.

```json { "shops": [ { "external_id": "BAKER-STREET", "name": "Baker Street Boutique", "shop_type": "offline", "city": "London", "country": "GB", "COMPANY__opening_hours": "24/7" } ] }