Baby steps from outbound to inbound

May 17, 2019 Custobar news

Baby steps from outbound to inbound

I’m not an exceptionally tech savvy person – but I consider myself rather advanced with digital tools and services. I keep finding myself working with andbeing excited about b2b service and business innovations. I’ve recently turned the next page on that journey...

A few months ago, I got an interesting contact from my ex-colleague Laura and an invitation from the scaleup founders to join the scaleup team aiming at developing the marketing functions into a more systematic and result-oriented level –practically generating the transformation from outbound to inbound. Challenge taken! The company is Custobar.

Custobar is a customer data platform for multi-channel retailers, brand stores and e-commerce. As a customer data platform, it unifies the customer and marketing data into a single actionable user interface. It provides platform for efficient marketing automation activities and tools to improve customer experience based on insights in all customer touchpoints online and in-store. Honestly, it’s the most user-friendly CDP I’ve ever seen!

Joining scaleup is like walking into the final rehearsal of an orchestra. Excitement, curiosity, passion and drive are tangibly present –everybody is keen on showing out, telling their perspective and work that they are proud of. The scaleup atmosphere is empowering, yet at the same time it’s easy to get lost in translation.

At Custobar I started by building the overall picture of the current status and listing the best practices from the past with the help of Sami, the marketing wizard at Custobar. Research by yourself first, then interview the people and collect the subjective thoughts and new ideas, go through with the analytics, do competitor scanning and at the end build the big picture for yourself.

In one month we have accomplished:

  • We have a marketing plan and strategy for 2019
  • We have established a frequent Newsletter for the customers, partners and prospects
  • We have created scheduled social media plan and started to execute it
  • We have improved the social media profiles of all our employees and encouraged employee advocacy
  • We have modified and set the KPIs for marketing – measuring all phases of marketing and sales pipeline
  • We have refreshed the lead definition
  • We have generated lots of new content ideas and started to execute some of them
  • We have developed the website to support inbound activities better
  • We have gained the first inbound leads! mention few!

Beyond everything, one learning that I have got and decided to execute where ever I work is make marketing and communications visible! Too often we marketeers do a great job externally but forget to tell about it internally. Inform,excite and empower your own team on marketing and communications and sharing in social medias with pride. It is the most efficient and cost-efficient marketing tool you have in your hands –use it smartly!

I’m excited to see the transformation from outbound to inbound already taking the baby steps... Follow and join our journey at Custobar LinkedIn and Twitter!



Blogger is Heidi, Custobar CMO, a new-age marketing professional with enthusiastic attitude, drive and curios mind to peek outside the box