Customer Data Platform 2019

January 18, 2019 Custobar news

Customer Data Platform 2019

In 2018, great things happened here at Custobar, and our roster of customers grew considerably. But more importantly, many of these customers, both old and new, began to harvest the benefits of Custobar, and it became an important source of revenue for them.

During the year, we saw many encouraging examples of just how powerful a mindset shift can be. I am talking, of course, about the move from mass campaigning to targeted and meaningful customer encounters based on well-integrated data. I’d like to thank you all for placing your trust in us, and helping us to make this shift possible.

When setting our goals for 2019, things actually don’t look too different from 2014, when we launched the first version of our customer data platform.

Our chief aim since then has been to provide a platform which lets you gather and make effective use of your own customer data in the best way possible for a multi-channel retailer. The need to drive customers into both online and brick-and-mortar stores is what we still strive for each day.

As we all know, things in the wider world aren’t getting any easier. The challenge set by global e-commerce players is very real, as we see reflected in businesses closing their doors around the world. On the other hand, there couldn’t be a better time to stand out from others by utilizing your customer data well – making you the most relevant choice for your customers at all touch points.

Getting ahead in 2019 means being able to excel in a variety of expertise and ensuring that you work efficiently on the right things. There’s plenty to do for sure, and we promise to play our part. Have a happy new year – and a profitable one!

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What is a customer data platform?

Whatever your customers do in your physical stores, on your site, and in each of your sales and marketing channels, data can be gathered in and unified so your team can easily work with it.

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