How segmentation can multiply your sales conversions by 10

August 1, 2018 Marketing & Sales

How segmentation can multiply your sales conversions by 10

Why segmentation is important? Let’s take a bookstore, just for example. The same method can be used in any retail setting.

What you do

  • Pick a hot upcoming title
  • Create a micro-segment of customers who have:
    • Bought products from the same author
    • Browsed related product pages
    • Shown interest in a certain category (e.g. Nordic Noir)
  • Create an appealing message and send
  • Repeat with another hot title

What you get

  • Better email deliverability
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Less mailing-list churn
  • And, most importantly…
  • Ten times the conversions, compared with a mass mail-out.

Custobar generates campaign segments based on how your customers shop, how they respond to marketing in different media; and how they behave online.

For retailers, the benefits of digitalisation cannot be realised until they take ownership of data gathered from every channel and use the results in every channel. Custobar is the only sales and marketing platform designed with retail at heart from the very beginning.