How to target marketing to customers who only buy from your physical stores?

When brick and mortar stores get deserted, ecommerce takes the first place as the main source of business. It’s time to implement new strategies for turning store visitors to online shoppers. Here are instructions on how to do it in Custobar. Even if you are using another customer data platform (CDP), here are also tips on targeting in general.

You can use Custobar to identify the customers who only ever bought from physical stores. Those customers might need a different approach to get them to buy from the webstore, whether it is a special marketing strategy or simply a step-by-step guide on how to shop online.

To search for those customers, use the field sale.shop_type which allows you to sort customers between online and offline purchasing activity.

Choose offline as your audience, exclude customers with online purchases and you will get the physical store exclusive buyers.

Selecting audience in Custobar

Of course, you can use this field in combination with any other fields to get the relevant segment for your campaigns!

Selecting audience in Custobar

When you have the right audience in place, you are ready to make a campaign promoting your webstore.

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