Identifying your customers in the physical store

Identifying your customers in the physical store

Most of our customers are multi-channel retailers, with both online and physical stores. To provide an accurate 360° view over all their customer transactions, we have developed effective ways to help to identify customers when they visit a physical store.

Increase your service level

Increase your service level

For retailers, the benefits of digitalisation cannot be fully realised until they take ownership of all the data they can gather from every channel, and then make effective use of the results in every channel. While some data is often collected, truly meaningful communication with customers is impossible without comprehensive data management.

Custobar supports various ways to identify customers

Custobar mobile loyalty card

A personalised web page with barcode or QR-code, which the customer can store as a bookmark on their smartphones. A link to the mobile loyalty card can be send automatically as an SMS from Custobar.

Benefit An easy to use, digital replacement for the plastic loyalty card – without the need to develop a costly mobile app.

SMS request for membership number

If the customer doesn’t have any other form of loyalty card with them in the store, they can easily request it by sending an SMS to a virtual SMS number. The reply message provides the loyalty number or a link to the mobile loyalty card, which can then be shown to the cashier.

Benefits Customers can order the loyalty number themselves.

Every email is your loyalty card

Solution You can add a barcode or QR-code to the end of all the email messages you send from Custobar. The customer’s loyalty identification is always with them – they simply open the latest email they received and show it to the cashier.

Benefits An easy additional means of providing the loyalty card to all customers with smart phones and email access.

Plastic loyalty card

Solution The plastic loyalty card can still serve customers who opt not to use smart phones. Custobar offers ready-made integrations with several loyalty-card printing houses. You can easily order a new card for a customer who has lost theirs, and the printing house will mail it directly to the customer’s address.

Benefits Support for the traditional physical loyalty card for those customers who prefer it.

Physical service encounters are the ideal place for a retailer to differentiate. Increase your service level with our Store Dashboard.