May 2019 - Release notes

May 31, 2019 Custobar news

May 2019 - Release notes

This is the second instalment of Custobar release notes, highlighting the most important changes released in the May 2019.

Customer search renewal

The customer search has been overhauled with more flexibility in picking customers, available statistics, and help and guidance.

Customer search

You may now start creating a campaign from the customers view by defining an audience, or just create a reusable audience and save it. You may also pin audiences created in the customer view for them to appear in the dashboard.

The statistics have also been expanded. You'll now see an easy breakdown of the new customers, marketing permissions and most popular, brands, categories and products.

Customer detail view renewal

The customer detail view can now be tailored according to your business' needs. You may pick from a selection of modules that appear on the customer detail page and choose the fields and values presented in them.

Customer 360 view

The customer detail layout can be saved on per role basis, i.e. the sales persons can see their own view, while managers see an expanded view of a customer.


Customers who have Custobar Image Proxy enabled can now define a set of stickers, which can be attached as overlays to product images.

You may have brand logos, new item ribbons, certification badges or promotion labels.

The stickers are drag n' droppable from the stickers tab in the email editor and configured in the settings.

Audience-specific email blocks

You may now choose the visibility of an email module based on the audience that the customer is a member of.

You may choose the audience from the pinned audiences that appear on the Custobar dashboard. For example, if you have defined an audience, "New customers", you can have content presented only for those customers.

To configure the visibility of a module, click the module in the email editor and then on the module details tab, choose either "Show only to audiences" or "Hide from audiences" from the "Module visibility" tab and then check the appropriate audience.

Address auto-fill

Custobar can now auto-complete partial addresses inputted in the customer form. The address auto-completion works on initial for Dutch and Finnish customers. We will be gradually adding new countries to the auto-completion.

The address auto-completion will fill empty fields such as zip code or city when only part of the address has been filled by the customer representative, provided that the address is recognisable.

Note that the address auto-completion requires subscription to for Dutch clients.

Contact Custobar support at about enabling the auto-fill.

APIs: Customer data retrieval

Custobar has now new API for fetching customer information. You may now retrieve the customer details using your own identification fields or for example by last name or shopify_id.

API document: Data Retrieval