Custobar as a CRM solution

Custobar as a CRM solution

One of the unique features of Custobar is that it can also be used as a CRM user interface for use in physical stores – as well as by customer service personnel.

CRM POS for retail

Our starting point for the development of the Custobar CRM solution has been empowering customer service and salespeople – enabling them to treat customers like the local shopkeeper of old, who knew every customer and their daily needs by heart. With Custobar an easy-to-use, omni-channel, 360° view of the customer is finally possible.

Depending on your business model, this can make Custobar the master system for your loyalty programme. And even if you don’t even have a loyalty programme as such, it’s still very important to identify customers in the store in order to develop full online-offline customer profiles, and use that data to serve them in the best way possible.

We have collected best practices on the various ways to motivate customers to identify themselves at the store. Contact us for the best practicies.

Key features of the Custobar CRM solution and the challenges they solve:

Retailer challenge The user interface for storing new customers in the store is too difficult and customer service personnel find it slow to use.

Custobar CRM solution A configurable, modern and easy-to-use user interface for registering new customers.

Retailer challenge The customer registration system does not function in real-time and is based on once-daily file transfers.

Custobar CRM solution Real-time API which allows you to update customer data immediately on other systems.

Retailer challenge No possibility to check duplicate customers from the web-store on the fly.

Custobar CRM solution All customers contacts are synced to Custobar – the system will warn of any duplicates.

Retailer challenge No direct connection to marketing automation tool, no possibility to communicate digitally with the customers immediately.

Custobar CRM solution Possibility to add automatically triggered messages to customers. For example, a new customer can receive their mobile loyalty card as an automatic SMS message.

Retailer challenge No easy-to-use search to locate customer if they do not have their loyalty card with them.

Custobar CRM solution Simple and fast search to find customers in the database.

Retailer challenge No possibility to know the status of a customer’s past orders or received campaigns when the customer asks about them.

Custobar CRM solution 360° view of each individual customer, which allows store and customer service personnel to see the full customer journey including the latest touchpoints.

Retailer challenge Salespeople don’t know how to turn the customer touchpoint into a sales opportunity.

Custobar CRM solution AI-based calculation of the best-matching products for each customer, allowing dialogue with the customer about the products most likely to fit their needs.

Retailer challenge Store personnel have too many systems to use and it’s difficult to navigate between them.

Custobar CRM solution Custobar CRM solution contains a store startup page where it is possible to store visual button icons with links to all the necessary systems.

Retailer challenge Requirement for a tablet for store personnel to serve customers individually everywhere in the store.

Custobar CRM solution Custobar CRM solution is designed to work well with tablets as well as desktop computers.


Custobar as CRM solution is available for customers with an additional licence fee.