Towards zero tolerance for customer harassment with retargeting ads and pixels

Towards zero tolerance for customer harassment with retargeting ads and pixels

Here’s a familiar scenario: A customer shows interest in product X in our webstore. However, there is no sale, yet. So, what do most of us do? We let our retargeting ads and pixels take care of reminding and re-reminding our potential customer of product X’s superb excellence.

What we don’t know, if we are multichannel retailers not using Custobar, is that our customer went to our retailer and got product X from the physical store. Quite understandably they needed to live-see the product before making the most critical decision of our time – to buy or not to buy. (Because, that is the question.)

This, in turn, means two things: First of all, our customer is getting p*ssed off, big time, because our retargeting ads are cluttering their screens. Secondly, we are missing out on an opportunity to market accessories and other X-related products to said customer.

Actually, there is an even worse option of affairs (pun intended)! Our customer is getting bombarded with ads announcing that product X is on sale! Just after paying full price at our store.

Now, is that good customer experience? Will all this attract or alienate our client?

Unify & use your online and offline data to be on point for ROPO customers

Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram aggressively sell business owners and entrepreneurs their online platforms. There is definitely something to be said for paid media, especially when it’s used to promote content in order to generate more earned media and/or drive traffic to your website / other owned media.

Since ROPO (research online, purchase offline) is they way of the clients these days, retargeting ads and pixels can make your customers annoyed and your products stale. Custobar is the unique customer data platform that allows you to combine your online and offline sales data. Furthermore, Custobar unifies that data in a way that enables your marketing to be current, customized, and on point.

Relaxed shopping

Don’t irritate your customers with your retargeting ads. Use your paid media to promote additional products and services for your online-surfers, offline-shoppers instead.

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