We're hiring - Customer Success Manager for Custobar

We are looking for our first full-time Customer Success manager to join our fast growing international team. Your tasks include advising and guiding a wide variety of respective industry leading Merchants, ensuring they continually drive business value with Custobar, adopt the use of Custobar widely as well as onboard Custobar successfully.

You will work closely with customers to discover their business needs and challenges and then coach them on the best ways to use Custobar to solve them. Working closely with Custobar’s account executives and product development to leverage Custobar product and platform expertise and provide recommendations on relevant solutions specific to customer’s business needs.

Part coach, project manager and tech-savvy product expert, our Customer Success Manager will be continually focused on helping our customers improve how they use the product and be successful with Custobar. In your work you also need fluency in both written and spoken English.

We consider as an advantage if you have:

  • Experience in retail and/or eCommerce business
  • Experience in IT systems used in retail and eCommerce
  • You are familiar with omni-channel marketing
  • Additional language skills.

If you think you have needed qualities and colleagues who think you’re fun to work with, send your application to jobs@custobar.com!

What do we offer? You’ll have a lot of freedom in creating your work the best you can imagine; a flat organization, team that’s not too big or too small and your colleagues will be very experienced. In case you have any questions, please give our CEO a call: Tatu Kuivalahti, +358503859915.

Never heard of Custobar? Give us a minute to explain.

Why do we go to work every morning? Why do we go to work every morning? Our mission is to make marketing and sales meaningful for both us ordinary consumers – who are bombarded by messages – and for those who work in sales. We believe that a person doing sales should have the best possible tools to know their customers and serve them personally. That keeps us as consumers happy and makes the Merchant look like a winner.

What is it that we do? Custobar is the first sales tool that can be used by everyone in the company. We give actionable customer data and access to modern communication channels. That’s when magic starts to happen.

Who do we serve? Our clients are retailers who sell both online and in storefronts. The more passionate their customers are and the more adapt their staffs are, the more they get out of Custobar.

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