Summer Reading Package

Summer Reading Package

Here’s a light summer reading package for you! Heavy content on customer data driven business and marketing in nice bite-sized pieces. Take the package with you: mark it as a favorite in your browser or tag it as saved readings in social media. Get there anytime, anywhere, when you a few minutes to dig deeper.

Towards zero tolerance for customer harassment with retargeting ads and pixels

Customer UX

With Custobar you no longer waste money on retargeting ads for offline buyers.

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Online retailer, you no longer have to walk through the valley of death

Online retailers

What if I told you that you can double your sales by focusing all your marketing efforts on your old clients?

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Once again f*cked with the old season stock?

Old stock

Retailer, speed up your season sales with these tips.

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You have a gem in your hands – use it well!

Custobar x Leadfamly

Acquiring a new customer costs you six times more than keeping an existing one. Read how gamification helps in retail.

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