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We help retailers treat their customers as individuals

From big stock listed retail companies with hundreds of stores to smaller dynamic ecommerce players have identified the need to know their customers and use all touch point data, from all sources, effectively for targeted marketing. And that is why they have chosen Custobar.

Some of our happy customers

Custobar is the only sales and marketing platform designed with retail at heart from the very beginning. Join Europe’s leading retail brands to grow their businesses.

Customer success always comes first

One of Finland’s most beloved design brands, uses Custobar to bridge the gap between face-to-face retail encounters and online customer behaviour.

Pentik - An international interior design retailer

"The secret is that it is so easy and motivating to use. You see the results the following day. Sometimes the conversion rates are just insane; 40% is not unheard of."

Levykauppa Äx - The most successful record-store chain in the Nordics

"We are often ask which ad agency we use to create our e-mail campaigns because they look so good. The surprise is great when we tell them about the task we do with Custobar."

Baiks - The largest cycling center for the whole family in Finland

"Our monthly average email conversion grew from 0,18% to 3,98% after taking Custobar into use, which is over 2200% increase!"

Ruohonjuuri - a pioneer in Finland in the field of organic and natural specialty trade