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Meta Conversions API


The Meta Conversions API (CAPI) allows you to tracker server-side in addition to the browser, implementing a more robust tracking as recommended by Meta.

When combined with Custobar, you can add the offline conversions to the touchpoints Meta can use and keep your costs low and your audiences accurate.

Here are the steps to automatically send your conversion data from the Custobar platform to Meta.

1. Getting in user_agent and url to Custobar

  • Facebook requires that you send user_agent and url with online sale. You have two options to bring them to Custobar:

a) You can bring these data points to Custobar in these fields when you send sales data to Custobar sales api:

  • sale_conversion_user_agent
  • sale_conversion_url

b) If you are not able to send those fields with a normal sale imports you can send ONLINE_SALE event with the custobar.js from your checkout / order confirmation page. Custobar receives user_agent automatically so you just have to connect the event with the sale_id and include the url. So something like this:

// YYY = customer_id from backend // XXX = sale_id from backend // ZZZ = url of the conversion page (for example

window.cstbr.push({ type: 'ONLINE_SALE', customer_id: 'YYY', sale_id: 'XXX' url: 'ZZZ' });

2. Get Pixel id and CAPI token

3. Activate CAPI integration in Custobar

  • Open Custobar /settings/Integrations and activate CAPI
  • You need to give your Pixel id and CAPI token
  • You are all set you should start getting sales conversion data to your Facebook Business manager from Custobar
  • Note! You might need to check that you don't get duplicate conversions from both Facebook pixel and from Custobar. Here are instructions for that:

Note! Facebook Custom Audiences is not a feature that is automatically a part of your Custobar licence. The monthly price of the Facebook Custom Audiences feature is based on the number of your customers. Google Ads Customer Match integration will be included in the price. Please contact sales for a quote.