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Unsubscribe survey & report


People unsubscribing from your mailing list always leave you wondering for the reason of the sudden break-up click. Luckily, customers unsubscribing are now presented with a set of choices asking the reason for not wanting to receive more emails. The default choices presented are:

  • I no longer want to receive these messages
  • I’m receiving these messages too often
  • The content is not relevant for me
  • The messages look like spam and should be reported as such
  • Other, or I do not want to specify

Improving your campaigns by learning from unsubscribers

Unsubscribe options are important for gathering information about causes of unsubscribing and for course-correcting your email campaigns. You can, for example, improve your content based on the feedback you get in your unsubscribe report or win back the customer to continue subscribing your mailing list by offering them to receive fewer messages.

It’s also useful to see which email campaigns were the ones that got people to unsubscribe the most.

How does it work?

The unsubscribe reason survey was added as a default option to Custobar in February 2020, for every email campaign. The unsubscribe survey can be switched off if you prefer not to ask for the reason for unsubscribing. Starting on week 10 on you can also manage the unsubscribe survey by yourself.

The form is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French and German.
Please note: The language version of the form presented to a customer depends on the language attribute in that customer's data. If the field does not exist or the value is unspecified, the template language becomes the default form language.
To edit the template language, select the appropriate language in the template settings.

Language setting

How can I take it into use?

You can edit the Unsubscribe form in the Unsubscribe settings. First, choose “Settings” from the user menu in the main navigation, and then click “Email unsubscribe page”.

When you would like to see the results, the “Unsubscribe report” can be found in the “Campaigns” menu.