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Extend your marketing capabilities with ecommerce plugins and integrations.

E-commerce platforms

Get real-time customer and product data updates from your webstore to Custobar.


With just a couple of clicks, connect your Shopify store with Custobar to visualize data you never knew existed about your customers and create more prosperous, trackable marketing campaigns via email, SMS, push messages, web banners, Google Ads or direct mail. Bring in customer and sales data from any other source too.

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WooCommerce plugin for Custobar

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. In other words, WooCommerce helps you to build an e-commerce store using WordPress. With Custobar - Woo Commerce integration you can get real-time data updates from your webstore.

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Custobar CDP and Marketing Automation for Shopware eCommerce

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