Marketing automation and customer data management for Magento

Are you looking for a CRM, CDP, email marketing or a marketing automation tool for Magento eCommerce? With Custobar, you have all those in one platform. You can find Custobar’s integration for Magento in Github.

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What can you do with Custobar?

Custobar is much more than just a CRM, email marketing or marketing automation tool in one, it is a customer data and marketing automation platform. With Custobar’s integration for Magento, you can automatically synchronize your customers, products and sales data from your Magento eCommerce platform to Custobar.

What can you do with Custobar?

How does my Magento store benefit from Custobar?

  • With Custobar, you can collect data from your Magento store as well as any other customer touchpoint like a mobile app or a physical store in one place and in real-time.
  • With Custobar, you can create personalised and data-driven marketing campaigns, automations, and transactional messages via email, SMS, push notifications (for mobile apps), web banners, Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Custobar can reveal things about your customers that will help you to improve your sales and marketing. For example, you will see who has browsed a particular category of products recently, who are your best customers, and who you are about to lose.
  • Custobar CRM solution allows you to have a 360° view of each individual customer. This means that every detail about the customer relationship can be seen at a glance, which helps marketers, store sales people and phone call center employees to serve customers better.

Magento developer, pssst!

Are you looking for a customer data and marketing automation platform for your client? If you are interested in becoming a Custobar partner, please contact our Partner Lead Satu Saarteinen at for more information on our partnership program.

Case study: Right customers via the right channel

See how the Finnish design brand Pentik planned an opening event for their latest retail store, using customer data to find the ideal guests and contact them in the way they would pay most attention to. A smart and efficient marketing campaign with great results!

Custobar's most popular features

Custobar is winning the market from more rigid and expensive CDPs, thanks to its ease-of-use, visual interface, flexibility, and ability to combine data from all sources. Here are some of our most popular features!

Customer 360° view gives you a visual and full picture of how good a customer is, what they have been buying or browsing, and what products or services the customer usually buys. A view that your customer service, in-store staff, and marketing teams will love!

The customer timeline, part of the Customer 360° view, is a user-friendly and visual representation of the customer’s full journey. Bring in data from physical or online stores, apps, customer service apps, or practically anywhere to see all of your customer’s touchpoints.

Create campaigns and marketing automations through email, SMS, or push messages. With Custobar, even onsite-banners, direct mail, and Google Ads (automatic Customer Match) are a piece of cake! Understand the customer’s preferences and life-cycle in all interactions. Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, you can build a targeted campaign in just a few minutes, with no expert skills needed.

Custobar’s clear audience and customer search helps you create customer segments in an instant. You can do searches based on any customer data brought from your customer touchpoints into Custobar. For example, combine data about what your customer browsed online with data about where they regularly shop - and send them a highly targeted and successful campaign!

Gather and match data from different sources, like online and physical stores or mobile app. Scattered data is unusable, but Custobar fixes that issue and makes your data searchable, segmentable, and valuable.

Custobar has flexible customer data management features, comprehensive APIs and a modifiable data model. Define API endpoints to your systems via our integrations view.

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Our customers and partners always compliment Custobar on especially three things: how easy Custobar is to use, how simple it is to dig into customer data and create successful campaigns based on that, and how affordable Custobar is when comparing to dinosau… uh, our competitors.

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