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Stand out from your competitors with highly relevant marketing and grow your sales. Connect your Shopify store with Custobar to visualize data you never knew existed about your customers and create more prosperous, trackable marketing campaigns via email, SMS, push messages, web banners, Google Ads or direct mail. Bring in customer and sales data from any other channel, for example, physical stores or mobile app, and sync it with your Shopify data in Custobar.

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When you’ve connected your Shopify store with Custobar, you will learn a lot more about your customers than ever before. You gain insights such as how your customers shop, how they respond to marketing campaigns in different channels, and what they are interested in online.

You can easily create new customer segments based on your customers’ behaviour: online purchases, web browsing, buying behaviour, or any other customer touchpoint data with Custobar’s drag-and-drop-segmentation tool. We can even track your customer’s purchases made in the physical store with Custobar’s mobile loyalty card add-on, or we can integrate your loyalty program with Custobar.

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Custobar's most popular features

Custobar is winning the market from more rigid and expensive CDPs, thanks to its ease-of-use, visual interface, flexibility, and ability to combine data from all sources. Here are some of our most popular features!

Customer 360° view gives you a visual and full picture of how good a customer is, what they have been buying or browsing, and what products or services the customer usually buys. A view that your customer service, in-store staff, and marketing teams will love!

The customer timeline, part of the Customer 360° view, is a user-friendly and visual representation of the customer’s full journey. Bring in data from physical or online stores, apps, customer service apps, or practically anywhere to see all of your customer’s touchpoints.

Create campaigns and marketing automations through email, SMS, or push messages. With Custobar, even onsite-banners, direct mail, and Google Ads (automatic Customer Match) are a piece of cake! Understand the customer’s preferences and life-cycle in all interactions. Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, you can build a targeted campaign in just a few minutes, with no expert skills needed.

Custobar’s clear audience and customer search helps you create customer segments in an instant. You can do searches based on any customer data brought from your customer touchpoints into Custobar. For example, combine data about what your customer browsed online with data about where they regularly shop - and send them a highly targeted and successful campaign!

Gather and match data from different sources, like online and physical stores or mobile app. Scattered data is unusable, but Custobar fixes that issue and makes your data searchable, segmentable, and valuable.

Custobar has flexible customer data management features, comprehensive APIs and a modifiable data model. Define API endpoints to your systems via our integrations view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custobar, and why are you offering it to Shopify businesses?

In short, Custobar exists to help you boost your Shopify store’s sales. Custobar does it by giving you a better customer understanding than ever before and enabling you to market in all the essential channels!

Custobar is a customer data and marketing automation platform. It means that with Custobar, you can collect data from your Shopify store (takes a few minutes, just give your store’s API key) as well as any other customer touchpoint like a mobile app or a physical store in one place. Custobar is a smart online service, and it can reveal things about your customers that will help you to improve your sales and marketing. For example, you will see who has browsed a particular category of products recently, who are your best customers, and who you are about to lose. And if you have a physical store, too, you can combine that customer data with all of the data you get from your online shop.

With Custobar, you can create marketing campaigns, automations, and transactional messages via email, SMS, push notifications (for mobile apps), web banners and Google Ads.

How does Custobar’s Shopify integration work?
We’ve built an easy Shopify plugin into Custobar. With just a couple of clicks, you can integrate your Shopify shop with Custobar. Data about your products, customers, orders, and registered visitor activity events will be imported to Custobar by default. A tracking script to get real-time browse events from identified customers will install automatically. In just a few minutes, you’re ready to grow your business with Custobar.
How can I get started with Custobar?

We offer you a free one month trial of Custobar Standard with full features. Within the trial period, you can, for example, create a test marketing campaign by email or SMS, and see how well your activities convert to real sales. Start free trial now

A credit card is needed to activate the free trial. No strings attached, you can end the trial at any time before the first billing period.

What languages is Custobar available in?
You can use Custobar in German, English, Dutch, Finnish and French.
What features does the Custobar free trial include?
The free trial includes all of Custobar Standard features: 5 user licenses, multichannel data matching, 360° view of each customer, dynamic audience builder, email template designer, campaign analytics, web behaviour tracking, dashboard views, API’s in and out, customer lifetime value calculation, RFM Matrix and email support. You can use Custobar Standard to create email, SMS, and push campaigns. Read more about the features
I have multiple Shopify stores. How can I import data from all of them to Custobar and keep the data separated?
You can easily integrate each one of your Shopify stores with Custobar. Each shop will have it’s own data and ID in Custobar. Shop data, such as customers, products, and sales, is recognized with each shop’s ID.
What data does Custobar collect from my Shopify store?
By default, data about your products, customers, orders and registered visitor activity events will be imported to Custobar. This enables you to e.g. segment your customers, create multi-channel campaigns to your customers and follow-up on their success. You can easily change the data import settings in Custobar. The data belongs to your company and can not be used by any other parties.
How can I trial Custobar with just 100 free emails?

We have limited the number of emails that one can send out during the free trial. The limitation exists to protect consumers from possible spammers.

We recommend that you create a campaign for a small segment of your customers (under 100 customers) at first. Custobar will help you find different segments, for example, VIPs or customers who used to be valuable in the past. With a small segment, you can make your campaign very relevant to your customers, and you are more likely to increase sales.

You can also easily purchase more of our affordable email or SMS credits already during the trial period.

How can I send more emails and SMSes during the free trial?
You can purchase email or SMS credits directly from Custobar. See pricing.
Why is Custobar’s Shopify plugin not available in the Shopify App Store?
We are working together with Shopify to add the Custobar plugin to the Shopify App Store as soon as possible. However, you can fully use the Custobar Shopify integration already. We have dozens of happy Shopify merchants already using Custobar.
What does Custobar cost after the free trial?
Custobar scales with your business. Our pricing is based on how many contacts you have.
How can I get in touch with you?
If you would like to book a demo with us or have any other questions, start a chat with us or send us an email at

You dreamt of a perfect customer data platform, we created it

Our customers and partners always compliment Custobar on especially three things: how easy Custobar is to use, how simple it is to dig into customer data and create successful campaigns based on that, and how affordable Custobar is when comparing to dinosau… uh, our competitors.

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