Custobar Mobile Loyalty Card

Identify your customers in person is the key to a meaningful customer experience. Custobar has developed a state-of-the-art solution for providing consumers with a infallible mobile loyalty-card solution. This is an example how it works.

Mobile loyalty card for retail

Customer-service operator sends a link to the mobile card as an SMS message, using the Custobar interface.

SMS loyalty card

The customer receives the SMS on their smartphone.

Add loyalty card to the home screen

The customer can open the loyalty card and add it to their phone’s home screen as a bookmark.

Add loyalty card to the home screen

Voila! An easy to use, digital replacement for the plastic loyalty card – without the need to develop a costly mobile app.

Note! Android smartphones can be made to automatically suggest storing the page as a bookmark. iPhone users must store it manually – instructions are given at the bottom of the screen.

Create targeted campaigns on the mobile loyalty card

As a new feature, it’s now possible to publish targeted campaigns on the mobile loyalty card itself. This offers a variety of possibilities to communicate with your customers while they access the loyalty card.

Gift card

For example, you could provide your VIP customers a personalised offer or discount code, or advertise a “gift box” which gives them a special surprise when shown to the cashier. You can also utilise this to describe the services on offer in the store.

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