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Easiest audience building tool on the market

The benefits of Custobar’s audience and customer search are twofold. You can create a laser-sharp target audience for your current marketing messages or deepen your understanding of your customer behaviour.

In this example, we searched for people who have purchased something from the sci-fi product category and who live in Bexley, Bolton or Liverpool, or they have browsed the comics or sci-fi product categories online.

The new mantra in all marketing strategies is to personalise your marketing messages and treat your customers as the individuals they are. Customers tend to be more receptive to marketing messages that are relevant to them. Better yet, if they are available at their favourite channel and timed just right.

With audiences and customer search you can

  • find individual customers with any data point (e.g., marketing permission, address, number of purchases, where shopped, how many times visited the web-site, what product categories browsed)
  • create and manage dynamic, reusable audiences by selecting matching criteria from customer details, events, and sales
  • manage your audiences by organising them into folders
  • see customer statistics based on audience characteristics and activity
  • bulk update all members of the same audience with, for instance, a tag, company name or brand

See how it works

This video will quickly show you how easy the customer and audience search feature is to use and how versatile it is.

Use cases

  • Use all of your customer data - from any source - to create triggering rules for campaigns, including custom data attributes like customer’s shoe size.
  • Attract bargain hunters with the right price and message.
  • Activate customers who only buy from your physical stores to shop online.
  • Contact customers about local availability.
  • Efficiently promote one product to a relevant audience.

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