Your key to knowing your customer behind the data

Full 360-degree customer view

Custobar collects all customer data that is scattered across different systems into one single, unified, and easy to understand 360° customer view. And not just from your website and eCommerce, but also from brick-and-mortar locations as well.

Custobar 360-degree customer view demo

Having a full 360-degree view of your customer gives you the competitive edge you need to be able to go the extra mile in fulfilling your customer’s needs, taking your customer service to the next level, and ultimately, to drive sales. What could be more beneficial in customer service situations than to know as much as possible about your customer and their customer journey’s touchpoints? Knowing this much benefits also all of your campaigns and marketing efforts.

In customer service situations, in stores, over the phone or in a chat, customer service personnel and salespeople can review customer details and purchase history to serve customers better and resolve any product or service-related issues. Marketing managers, on the other hand, may check the timeline, for instance, to create more compelling marketing campaigns or understand, what made a customer unsubscribe the newsletter or other marketing messages.

Custobar 360° customer view displays core customer data and a timeline of the customer’s events. Events are activities, such as browsing product pages, clicking links in emails, contacting the customer service or filling a feedback form.

Both the displayed customer data and the timeline are fully customisable for different user roles. It means that your customer service people, for example, can see a different view than your marketing manager. Notes can also be added to a customer’s timeline at any point, including in the store, if your personnel has the right user rights.

The key thing to understand about a 360-degree view is to realise that it is not only a full view to your customer right now, but by revealing your customer’s past alongside the present, a 360° customer view also maps the future. By analysing what has come before, it is possible to predict future buying behaviours and create plans to address pain points and queries. For this, Custobar has developed AI-driven solutions in co-operation with our technology partners. An example of which is personalised product recommendations which increase the potential for upselling and cross-selling in every customer contact.

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