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Get the best out of the Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook offers a huge potential audience for retailers with over one billion daily active users. Still it’s easier to waste your money than get proper ROI.

With Custobar’s external campaigns you can maximize the benefits of Facebook Custom Audiences based on your own customers. Like all Custobar campaigns you can create a target audience for Facebook with our drag-and-drop segmentation.

You can use any of your Custobar segments to target your Facebook advertising campaigns, like:

  • Show relevant content based on customer online and offline behaviour
  • Don’t show ads for customers with a recent purchase
  • Highlight the right products

Expanding your Custom Audience

Custom Audiences is also really powerful tool for getting new potential customers via lookalike audiences. These users share similar characteristics with your existing customers.

Remember to ensure that you fulfil the current version of the Facebook’s Custom Audiences terms of service before you continue.

Your customers are individuals,
treat them that way


  • Our development is based on needs of the Europe’s leading retail brands to grow their businesses.