Marketing automation, customer
relationship and data management

Flow - Let your love for your customers show

Create customer journeys that accentuate your brand, wow your customers and make them stick with you.

What is Flow?

Flow is Custobar’s answer to creating a personal relationship with your customers. With this feature, you can automate your data updates, marketing and customer service processes in order to serve your customers individually.

Flow enables you to build a visual customer journey with customer touchpoints that trigger automated interactions between your brand and your customer. This means that Flow connects your automations to customer journeys and helps you to attract customers with relevant content at the right time.

Marketer, it’s time to enter the Flow state of marketing

If you value automation and think about customer journeys visually, you are going to fall in love with Flow. Plan a customer journey aka a Flow path and activate. This is why Flow is beneficial for marketers:

  • Make marketing easy and more efficient with visual representations of your customers’ journeys. No coding needed. Instead of doing everything manually, automations save you time and make it possible for you to concentrate on strategic tasks.
  • Increase your conversions by experimenting and optimising.
  • Have meaningful relationships with your customers. Because of automations, you can communicate with thousands or even millions of customers in real-time based on their behaviour.

Easy marketing automations and data updates

If you are interested in examples of different marketing automations and ways to update your customer data, head to our blog.

Your data-driven company will be on steroids with Flow

Are you interested in using your data instead of just accumulating it? Would you like to know - like really know - who your customer behind the data is?

Enriching customer data based on customer behaviour made simple.

Progressive customer profiling. You wouldn’t interrogate your crush on a first date. The same goes for customers. Build up a customer profile gradually based on your customer’s behaviour, or by asking more information as the relationship deepens.

Setting goals and seeing real-time conversion results as well as for analytics.

Ready to get started with Flow?

In the Flow user guides you can find all the materials you need to start creating your own automations. The guides will guide you in creating a path with Flow and introduce Flow use cases to give inspiration. The tutorial video will teach you the basics and the user guides will help you to get a deeper understanding of Flow.

If you’re not using Custobar yet, book a demo with us or sign up for a Custobar free trial and start using your most valuable asset - customer data.