Transactional email and SMS

Transactional message is sent to complete or process a transaction between a retailer and a customer. Typically these one-to-one messages contain relevant information a customer wants or needs, like after purchase receipt, order pick-up notification or other additional information. Transactional messages are sent to individual customers and hence have very high open rates.

Branded transactional messages

Commonly a transactional look dull and plain compared to branded marketing emails. Also changing the layout or content of the marketing messages requires typically IT person and it might be impossible to include branded layout elements to them. Custobar campaign tools allows you to have a 100 % control of your copy texts and look and feel of transactional messages. Just like with any marketing email templates.

In addition, all the transactional messages are visible from Customer 360° view so the customer service is up to date what messages the customer has received.

Transactional message on customer timeline

Examples of transactional messages

  • Order confirmation
  • Order collected from the warehouse
  • Order Shipped
  • Order pick-up ready
  • Pickup reminder
  • Item not available
  • Money refunded
  • Evaluate your product
  • Task to customer service
  • Notify user to the mobile app
  • Confirm your repurchase

Transactional messages are available to our customers for an additional monthly fee. Ask more from your contact person or drop us a line at