Facebook Conversions API partner integration with Custobar

Integrating Custobar to Facebook Conversions API will enable a server to server connection leading to more accurate conversion tracking and advertising.

This integration is still in a beta phase and we are looking for pilot customers.

Facebook Conversions API helps companies share online and offline events or customer actions with Facebook without browser-based solutions like cookies.

In other words, you can use your first-party data to segment your customers and target them personalised campaigns on Facebook. The 3rd party cookies are not needed, because, with the integration, it’s possible to send the server-side conversion data directly to Facebook in a secured way.

By integrating Custobar to Facebook Conversions API, you can send your online and offline customer purchase data to Facebook in real-time. This enables you to offer your customers data-driven personalized experiences on Facebook while maintaining data privacy.

Facebook Conversions API benefits

  • Full funnel visibility. With the Conversions API, it’s possible to get an accurate view of the omnichannel customer journey.
  • Accurate data sharing. No more worrying about events getting lost because of problems like a browser crash or an ad blocker. Conversion API shares data in a more accurate way.
  • Data control. Companies have total control over their own data. They can choose what data to share with Facebook and what not.