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Succeed with multi-channel marketing automation

Custobar CDP is also a marketing automation platform. So easy and intuitive, it feels like you’ve always been using it. All your customer data is at your fingertips - including purchases in all sales channels, browsing data from your website and other touchpoints like mobile app transactions. This creates the best possible ground to start implementing your customer communications with Custobar across all channels: email, SMS, Push, Web and display ads.

Here is what you get

Campaigns in all relevant channels

Campaigns in all relevant channels


  • the most visual and easy user interface for creating campaigns saves time and nerves
  • you can manage all your communications channels in one tool
  • no need for external consultants or experts to run your customer communications


  • design and schedule campaign actions for email, SMS, push, web, display and even direct mail
  • get real-time results and visual analytics of impressions but also conversions, sales channels and products sold
  • organize campaigns into a clear folder structure
  • see all the campaign actions and responses in the customer 360° view timeline
  • compare multiple actions to find the campaigns with the highest conversion
  • campaign action can also be a webhook api call to any external system which gives you many interesting possibilities
Automated campaigns & transactional messages

Automated campaigns & transactional messages


  • automated campaigns create conversions without manual work
  • you engage your customers most relevantly with automated campaigns
  • you have full control of your transactional messages without needing to bother the tech people for changes


  • create transactional messages such as order confirmations and send them based on event-triggers
  • extend your campaign actions to launch automatically based on triggers, such as incoming event (customer engagement), time of day, customer becoming part of an audience
  • customer reaching a stage of maturity in audience (a multiple-time-shopper for six months, for instance)
Email content editor

Email content editor


  • visual WYSIWYG email content editor for those who want total control but no technical difficulties
  • product data easily available through drag & drop or fully automated content placement
  • possibility to personalize campaigns through showing different email modules to different audiences
  • full control to your transactional message content and layout


  • you can use WYSIWYG template wizard for template creation or edit them through HTML code
  • easy and intuitive drag and drop for content modules
  • drag and drop products or personal recommendations to content modules
  • upload images to image bank and drag and drop them into content modules
  • edit message content; set colors and fonts
  • toggle block visibility based on customer segment
Push messages

Push messages


  • manage also your mobile app targeting and messaging from the same tool
  • syncronize your campaigns over all channels
  • trigger messages to any other systems like your POS or customer service ticketing system


  • send in-app and native messages using Custobar push feature
  • send triggered webhooks to any API end point
  • utilize easy-to-use form templates for end users to create messages
Web tracking script

Web tracking script


  • collect any browsing data from your site visitors
  • no need for the customer to login in order to start gathering the data
  • understand customer's purchase intentions with identified browsing data


  • easy to install 1st party cookie and javascript to collect browsing data
  • possibility to add any number of action triggers to collect additional data points from the site
  • support for multisite/multistore
  • automatically track product page browsing and connect that to product attributes
Image proxy & product stickers

Image proxy & product stickers


  • no more broken layouts because of the wrong sized product images
  • no more 301-redirects for moved products images and changed URLs
  • possibility to add marketing stickers on top of product images


  • automatic scaling and caching of images
  • image enlargements by canvas expansions and image centering
  • embed up to five overlay product stickers
  • drag and drop sticker images in the email editor over product images
2-way SMS dialogue

2-way SMS dialogue


  • increase sales through carefully targeted SMS campaigns
  • receive responses from the customers like orders of the repeated purchased products
  • trigger notifications to SMS when the customers native push notifications are set off


  • send targeted SMS campaigns with an easy-to-use user interface
  • possibility to add a virtual reply number to receive feedback from the customers
  • customer’s feeback can trigger different campaign actions or further SMS replies back to the customer
Coupon codes

Coupon codes


  • reward your VIP customers or activate your passive customers with discounts or gifts in the form of single use, unique coupon codes
  • customer identification based on coupon
  • improve customer experience & engagement


  • manage multiple lists of single use coupon codes
  • can be embedded into emails, SMS messages, or push notifications
  • choose coupon list on the basis on campaign action
  • subscribe to alerts when coupon codes are about to run out (with the help of tech team)

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