Deutsche Post - Marketing automation for print mailings

Direct mail

Deutsche Post - Marketing automation for print mailings

Deutsche Post - Marketing automation for print mailings

{{}} Add traditional mailing as one of your marketing automation and campaign channels by integrating Deutsche Post to Custobar. With Deutsche Post you can mail real cards or letters delivered by the German Post to your customers based on their behaviour, segments or other triggers directly from Custobar. {{}}

Deutsche Post integration

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In Custobar, physical mail and digital marketing campaigns will work together seamlessly and your customers will receive personalised messages at their doorstep. And with personalising, we don’t mean just using the customer’s name after the hello. As Custobar is both a Customer Data (CDP) and Marketing Automation Platform, you can utilise all the customer data you have to treat your customers as individuals.

Why should I send physical mail?

  • The internet is full of content and ads. Traditional, personalised and timely mail will cut through the noise and be remembered.
  • Not all customers react to emails or other digital ways of communication. Mail is a new channel to reach out especially to those customers in the way they like to be contacted.
  • Happier customers & increased sales. What feels more personal than receiving physical mail with personalised product recommendations or other personalised content? Communicating with your customers on a more personal level is a great way to create positive feelings towards your brand and keep the customers you have worked hard to get.

How does it work?

As Custobar collects all the customer data in one place, you can make automations in Custobar based on this data and pick Deutsche Post as one of your marketing channels.

Let’s say that you have a sales campaign and you want to inform your customers and send them a discount code. You make a campaign in Custobar that triggers emails to people who actively engage with your emails and trigger print mailings to customers who have been inactive on the digital side (not visiting your website, not opening your emails etc.).

Other examples of sending automated print mails could be that a customer receives a thank you letter after visiting a webstore including pictures of products s/he browsed. Or that the customer receives a letter after giving feedback. The possibilities are endless, you can just pick the most suitable one for your brand and customers.

Once you have the campaign set and the content ready, everything will be automatic from that point on. The customers will get your letter or physical ad always to the right address as the addresses are updated automatically as well. When the customer buys products, the information will go to Custobar, making it possible for you to follow the success of your campaign from Custobar.

Where to start?

Please contact to set up the integration!

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