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February 2020 - Release Notes

Bar codes for Customer 360° view, Open Graph tags for emails, Unsubscribe report, User account improvements & Tailoring product recommendations

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Webwinkel Vakdagen 2020 in Utrecht

On the 29th and 30th of January, it’s once again time to attend Webvinkel Vakdagen, the biggest e-commerce event of the Benelux.

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Strategic CDP Trends in 2020

We believe that 2020 will finally be the turning point in many B2C companies for smarter customer data management that will be turned into the improved customer experience.

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Webinars & whitepapers

Dive into more in-depth accounts on topics that you simply cannot ignore.


Email deliverability: your email marketing strategy has gatekeepers you may not be aware of

In this whitepaper you will learn why email deliverability and its monitoring is vital in successful email marketing.

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Email deliverability webinar: your email marketing strategy has gatekeepers you may not be aware of

In this webinar we’ll help you to you to look out for indicators and warning signs that tell on poor email deliverability and also present tools that help you to understand deliverability issues.

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Win big with the RFM analysis

Have you ever heard of the acronym RFM? It stands for “recency,” “frequency,” and “monetary value,” and it is the number one tool for analyzing these data points to provide you with a fuller picture of your customer base.

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Here we cover basic Custobar usage from running campaigns to changing fields in the Customer 360° view.

API reference

Custobar provides flexible HTTP JSON data APIs for importing and exporting data from Custobar.

Customer success

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