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Improve customer experience with transactional messages

Learn what transactional messaging is all about, how it helps you to serve your customers better and saves time from unnecessary manual work.

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How did a beauty chain improve conversions by 8X by using artificial intelligence?

Download the case study to learn how AI marketing resulted in better sales.

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How to utilize CDP to improve your business during unusual conditions?

Many companies are facing problems during these turbulent times. We gathered you a list of ideas on how to use customer data platforms like Custobar for better communications and marketing, especially in this unusual situation. We hope these tips will make it easier for you to reach your customers.

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Webinars & whitepapers

Dive into more in-depth accounts on topics that you simply cannot ignore.


Customer Data Platform White paper

In this Customer Data Platform (CDP) white paper, we’ll explain with concrete examples what the key capabilities of CDPs are, which problems it solves, and why utilizing data is vital for your business.

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Webinar: How to utilize artificial intelligence in marketing?

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Partnerimme Solteqin webinaari Love My eCom: Konversiot kaakkoon – näin saat e-shoppailijat ostamaan

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Here we cover basic Custobar usage from running campaigns to changing fields in the Customer 360° view.

API reference

Custobar provides flexible HTTP JSON data APIs for importing and exporting data from Custobar.

Customer success

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