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How to keep your online store secure?

Every day the media is reporting on some form of cyber attack or a case of online fraud. With the volume and magnitude of cyber attacks growing by the day, it’s clear that your store's security is paramount.

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Software-off: CRM vs. CDP - is it time to throw in the towel yet, CRM?

If the rings change, the fighters may have to be changed as well. Which is the right choice for your business, CRM or the newcomer CDP?

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How to easily make marketing automations and data updates?

In this blog, you’ll learn more about different marketing automations and ways to update your customer data with Custobar Flow.

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Webinars & whitepapers

Dive into more in-depth accounts on topics that you simply cannot ignore.


MK Event: Datan hyödyntäminen asiakaspolun kehittämisessä

Toimitusjohtajamme Tatu Kuivalahti vierailee Markkinointikollektiivin tapahtumassa: "Datan hyödyntäminen asiakaspolun kehittämisessä"puhumassa oman datan omistamisen tärkeydestä sekä sen järkevästä hyödyntämisestä.

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How to save money on Google Ads?

In this webinar, you'll learn how to save money on Google ads. The CEO of Ströh and the Marketing Technology Consultant of Fluid Data will give you concrete examples on how to utilise brand's data in advertising on Google and how to get more conversions.

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Customer Data Platform White paper

In this Customer Data Platform (CDP) white paper, we’ll explain with concrete examples what the key capabilities of CDPs are, which problems it solves, and why utilizing data is vital for your business.

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User Guides

Here we cover basic Custobar usage from running campaigns to changing fields in the Customer 360° view.

Banner campaigns

SMS campaigns

External campaigns

Push campaigns


Data integrations

Importing and updating data

Marketing and advertising integrations

Webstore integrations

API reference

Custobar provides flexible HTTP JSON data APIs for importing and exporting data from Custobar.

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