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May 2020 Release notes

Here's what's new with Custobar! This month we have updated the manual event import and made some minor user interface changes for campaigns.

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What is Google Customer Match and how does it work with Custobar?

In this blog we'll explain what the Google Customer Match means and why it's important for marketers.

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Abandoned cart email - When someone nearly makes a purchase, but not quite

Even the best online shops will have abandoned shopping carts, discarded by customers who’ve been browsing and clicking things into their carts. Do a quick test: are you taking care of your abandoned carts?

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Webinars & whitepapers

Dive into more in-depth accounts on topics that you simply cannot ignore.


Webinaari: Top 3 keinot, joilla saat asiakkaat ylös sohvalta verkkokauppaan

Miten data voi auttaa asiakkaiden aktivoinnissa? Onko nyt sopiva aika lähettää kaupallisia viestejä? Näihin ja moniin muihin verkossa kauppaa tekevien kysymyksiin vastaavat toimitusjohtajamme Tatu Kuivalahti ja analytiikkatalo Houston Analyticsin Antti Meriluoto.

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Email deliverability: your email marketing strategy has gatekeepers you may not be aware of

In this whitepaper you will learn why email deliverability and its monitoring is vital in successful email marketing.

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Email deliverability webinar: your email marketing strategy has gatekeepers you may not be aware of

In this webinar we’ll help you to you to look out for indicators and warning signs that tell on poor email deliverability and also present tools that help you to understand deliverability issues.

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Here we cover basic Custobar usage from running campaigns to changing fields in the Customer 360° view.

API reference

Custobar provides flexible HTTP JSON data APIs for importing and exporting data from Custobar.

Customer success

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