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Exciting Custobar application insights, inspiring customer cases, and monthly release notes, too, to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

November 2019 - Release notes

Data import Wizard, Push action forms, feature rich update!

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October 2019 - Release notes

Template designer, email module visibility and more!

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The 5 ingredients in the not-so-secret-sauce of success in the restaurant business

Customer data has been the quickly growing focus of all consumer businesses. Collecting data and storing it in CRMs (customer relationship management) no longer cuts it.

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Webinars & publications

Dive into more in-depth accounts on topics that you simply cannot ignore.

Custobar Self-service - Partner webinar recording

Missed our webinar or do you want to check it again? No worries. You can watch the recording here.

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Custobar RFM matrix - webinar recording

Missed our webinar or do you want to check it again? No worries. Watch the recording of our presentation and find out how the RFM matrix works.

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Free Webinar: RFM matrix - retailers' secret tool for conversion

Wed 17th July 2019 - In this webinar we will show you how the RFM matrix works and create marketing automations for your customers based on they behaviour.

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Here we cover basic Custobar usage from running campaigns to changing fields in the customer 360 view.

API Documentation

Custobar provides HTTP APIs for importing data to Custobar, and retrieving data from Custobar. By default, the APIs use JSON. The replies are JSON objects, and for POST requests, the request bodies are expected to be JSON encoded.

Customer success

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