Bring your fans closer with Custobar

Sports moves us deeply. It creates some of our best memories, those unforgettable moments, and a profound experience of belonging. Show your fans that you get them, be with them through their journey of a game, the season and a lifetime.

Are you the one to create an extraordinary fan experience with the help of data? You’ve come to the right place.

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There are a million reasons to love sports

Fans’ individual stories collide at sports events to create something larger than the game itself. Each fan is a unique individual. There’s no single reason to love a sport; there’s at least a million.

Custobar (and data, we love and know customer data!) reveals each one of your fans as an individual and lets you treat them that way.

Custobar is a Customer Data Platform and Marketing Automation tool in one.

Finnish elite league ice-hockey team Porin Ässät vows to Custobar

With Custobar, we can target our resources to the most productive work and get real-time data on our customers’ purchasing behaviour and the efficiency of our marketing.

Business Director, elite league ice-hockey team Porin Ässät

Custobar’s key features used by Porin Ässät

“Custobar enables us a more efficient way of working both on a strategic and on an operational level. It brings all our customer data into one platform, gives us a clear view of our marketing efficiency and provides a superb marketing automation tool. We can create even better targeted messaging to our customer segments and offer them better content and service. The automations also enable us to concentrate our resources on more profitable work.”

- Niklas Ikonen, Business Director, ice-hockey team Porin Ässät

Read the full story of Porin Ässät and learn how the sports company utilises customer data.

CDP - All customer data in one place

Integrate Custobar Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform with any POS, ERP, eCommerce etc. system. Flexible data-model for Custobar Plus subscribers.

Audience and Customer search

Multi-Channel Campaigns

How sports wins with Custobar in four easy steps

1 Combine all customer data from different systems into Custobar.

2 Segment customers based on all of the data. E.g. location, interests, favourite athlete, spending or their activity.

3 Engage customers with personalised messages through different channels like email, push notifications, SMS, Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

4 Follow the results of your marketing campaigns and improved customer experience.

How Custobar could be a part of your customer journeys?

Create customer journeys that accentuate your brand, wow your customers and make them stick with you. You can automate data updates, marketing and customer service processes in order to serve your customers individually. For example, like this:

Tomina bought her 1st season-ticket

Thanks to the email automation that was sent to fans who bought a single ticket at least three times in the past 2 months.

Tomina is happy about the gameday SMS

She feels special: all season-ticket holders get a meal deal at tonight’s home game! The coupon code or mobile loyalty card will identify his purchase.

Tomina is a fan of Aubameyang

She’s browsing fan products in your webstore but doesn’t complete the purchase. You can target her later based on browsed categories or products or whatever he put in his basket.

Custobar’s key features used on Tomina’s journey

Flow - Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship and Data Management

Create customer journeys that accentuate your brand, wow your customers and make them stick with you.

Mobile loyalty card

One of the ways to identify your customer in a physical store. Use this, or connect your own identification method with Custobar!

Coupon codes

Reward, activate and identify customers with unique coupon codes.

Aleksi Montonen

Head of Business Development

Played Volleyball at the highest national level in Ireland

Satu Saarteinen

Partner Lead

Six-time Finnish Basketball Champion

Iiro Antero

Senior Sales Manager

Johannes Riedmiller

Senior Sales Manager

We make sure customer experience truly is an experience

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