Webinar recording

As fashion retailers work in one of the most competitive industries, knowing and reaching the target audience is crucial. Customer data can help fashion marketers to find their most important customers and target them the right content in the right channels.

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • Why data-driven marketing brings you more sales
  • How to utilise data in fashion marketing
  • Which three marketing automations all fashion retailers should have
  • Examples of data-driven marketing on email, SMS, Facebook, Google channels & traditional mail

What you won’t get?

  • Sales pitch about Custobar
  • Tech jargon/ endless line of buzzwords

About the speaker

Aleksi Montonen, the Head of Business Development at Custobar has helped numerous B2C client companies to achieve better results through the collection and utilisation of customer data. Before Custobar, Aleksi has worked as a consultant and as a Controller at H&M.

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