Win big with the RFM analysis

Have you ever heard of the acronym RFM? It stands for “recency,” “frequency,” and “monetary value,” and it is the number one tool for analyzing these data points to provide you with a fuller picture of your customer base.

An RFM analysis is a must, if you are

  • an eCommerce entrepreneur looking to see long-term eCommerce growth,
  • an online and offline retailer looking to make the most of your data across all your channels, or
  • a nonprofit organization looking to target donors that are most likely to make additional donations and gifts.

The acronym might sound unappealing, intimidating or even irrelevant. However, with the RFM analysis you can win big – so big, that the RFM analysis has been called the “Key to the Money Machine.”

We have unlocked this key with our RFM matrix, a pivotal part of the Custobar customer data platform (CDP).

Countless companies have significantly increased their profits, repurchase rates and conversion rates with the help of an RFM analysis. You can too! Download our free RFM white paper and find out, what the big wins are.


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