Google customer match

Google customer match for smarter, cheaper and more efficient marketing campaigns

Google ad campaign prices have gone up and targeting accuracy has gone down. Custobar's Google customer match can reverse these changes.

And it’s all not just down to how browsers and operating systems are blocking the use of third-party cookie data. Strict data protection policies and the general awareness of the need to protect your personal data play a part as well.

How Custobar can help you

  • we offer a safe and GDPR compliant customer matching
  • you'll have the possibility to create targeted and personalised campaigns using customer data from all customer touchpoints
  • higher ads conversion with smaller budget

These promises are easy to make and keep, because the customer data that the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation tool collects in real time into one 360-degree customer view is based on the use of first-party data. That is data controlled or owned by your company, not by Google! The identified customer data you have is the most valuable asset you have, and not the least because Google cannot access it on its own.

Other benefits of using the Google Customer Match

  • Since the customer data can be automatically updated from Custobar to Google Customer Match, it is easy to remove customers who already made a purchase from retargeting. There are not many things so infuriating to a customer than getting ads about things they just bought. If nothing else, it’s dubious to your brand and reputation.
  • You may have customers who have not given permission to do email marketing, but have given consent to share their data with advertising platforms. The Google Customer Match is a great way to reach them in another way.
  • You can create lookalike audiences, audiences similar to your existing customer base, based on the data on your best customers or utilising your customers’ purchase behaviour.

Use case examples from Custobar clients

Scandinavian Outdoor, a Finnish retail and online store chain, makes good use of the Google Customer Match integration to boost the sales during their recurring Outdoor Days. Here are only two examples of how they utilise the feature:

  • Retargeting dynamic Google ads that show products to customers who have browsed them on the website but not made any purchases either online or in physical stores.
  • Reaching their loyalty program members via targeted YouTube video ads. This offers them a way to target those loyal customers who don’t like emails or SMSes.

Of course there are many other use case examples as well. After all, the real competitive edge of the Custobar Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation tool - apart from the use of 1st party data - is the ability to have access to all customer data from all channels and all touch points, physical stores included, and always in real time. Google Customer Match is then perfect for also:

  • Removing those customers from your Google Ads who already respond to your other marketing channels to optimise your Google Ads budget.
  • Acquiring new customers using lookalike audiences.
  • Targeting customers at different stages of their customer journeys.
  • Targeting customers whose data is no longer stored by the Google conversion pixel.