Meta conversion API

Meta Conversions API - Enable the best advertising results in Facebook and Instagram

Custobar brings you a first-of-its-kind feature that integrates offline sales into the online advertising equation on the Meta platform – easily from one source.

Our Meta Conversions API (CAPI) integration is a breakthrough for omnichannel retailers: it enables you to advertise on Meta leveraging online and offline purchase data for the best results.

Game-changer for omnichannel marketers

Holistic ad optimisation

Why limit your ad optimisation to just online data? Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration allows you to harness the power of holistic ad optimisation by incorporating both online and offline purchase data. This comprehensive approach ensures that your Meta campaigns are more informed and effective, driving the best advertising results.

Automated audiences for pinpoint targeting

With automated audience refinement, you can achieve pinpoint targeting and re-engagement. Our integration dynamically updates your audiences, removing customers who have already purchased and ensuring that your ads reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

Enhanced customer experiences

Delivering relevant ad content is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Integrating with Custobar allows you to tailor your ad content based on a holistic view of customer behaviour – both online and offline – enhancing customer experience.

Key benefits for marketers

Unite digital and physical points of sale

Custobar's integration merges online and offline sales data, offering a unified view to create impactful Meta ad campaigns that connect with your audience, regardless of their purchase location. You also have the option to use just online or offline data for your Meta ads.

Increase the visibility of purchases

Track detailed purchase data of individual customers to understand who bought what and where – online or in-store. Utilise this information to fine-tune your Meta ads campaigns and drive higher engagement and conversions.

Dynamic audiences to target the right customers

Automated audience refinement ensures that your campaigns always target the right people. By removing customers after purchase, you can avoid ad fatigue and improve the efficiency of your ad spend.

Behaviour-based targeting across channels

Tailor your campaigns based on distinct customer behaviours across online and offline channels. This sharper targeting approach helps you deliver more relevant ads, resulting in better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Informed decision-making based on real data

Access detailed insights into the share of sales online versus offline. These insights empower you to make informed decisions, optimise your ad strategies, and allocate your budget more effectively.

The Custobar advantage – elevate your ads on Meta

Transform your ads from just good to outstanding by efficiently combining online metrics with offline sales data. Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration provides the most comprehensive solution, enabling you to leverage full-spectrum sales data for superior ad performance.

Meta pixel alone

While the Meta pixel is a valuable tool, its reliance on cookies limits it and is increasingly affected by privacy updates.

Meta pixel + Meta CAPI via e-commerce

Combining the Meta pixel with Meta CAPI via eCommerce improves the accuracy of online data but lacks the crucial dimension of offline sales.

Meta pixel + Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration

For the premier choice, integrate Custobar’s Meta CAPI to gain a complete view of sales data, both online and offline. This holistic approach ensures you are fully equipped to optimise your Meta ad campaigns and achieve outstanding results.

Experience the future of omnichannel retail advertising with Custobar’s Meta Conversions API integration. Contact us today to learn more about how our solution can elevate your Meta ad campaigns and drive your business forward.