4. Other data types


Products are items you are selling, which has a sku or an id, title, category, price and a picture among other product-related properties. Products can also have customer fields. Custobar has support for configurable products, such as a shirt, with various colours and sizes underneath. Products are linked to sales and for example browse events, through which you can search out customers who have bought or browsed a specific product, product category or type.


Sales in Custobar are the customer transactions from online and offline store sent to Custobar either from the eCommerce store or from the ERP system. The sales are linked to customers, so they are used in calculating the customer KPI’s like Total Purchases and Sales count, but also for audience statistics and conversion for the campaigns.

Sales in Custobar can be in several different states, just like in eCommerce or ERP system and this affects if they are counted to the sales total of an individual or conversion of a campaign. Sales can consist of several products and can be linked to a specific store (online or offline).

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Events in Custobar are events/actions that are linked to a specific customer of yours and are significant for your marketing, sales or customer service. They are used in Custobar to compile statistics (for example email opens or email clicks of an email campaign), are important base for segmentation (like Browses from your ecommerce store), or are used to trigger automated campaigns (Order paid event that triggers an order confirmation SMS and email).

The most common event types are MAIL_SUBSCRIBE, MAIL_UNSUBSCRIBE, MAIL_OPEN, MAIL_CLICK and BROWSE. In addition to these basic events, you can also send custom events to Custobar of customer actions that you would like to use in marketing. Example of this could be that a customer has taken part in a competition on your site, for which the event could be COMPETITION_ENTRY and as data in the event there would be the customer email address and their answer. This is useful as this way you can collect interested customers to marketing lists, but you can also use the event to automate a thank you message for the customers who attended.

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