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Make all of your customer data actionable by integrating with Custobar

With our comprehensive integrations, you can create the most insightful and targeted marketing campaigns, serve customers in-store, and take your omnichannel or online business to new heights by seamlessly integrating data across all platforms.

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Google Ads logo

Google Customer Match

Create customer segments in Custobar and send them to Google to reach your customers across Search, the Shopping tab, Gmail, YouTube, and Display.

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Meta Custom Audiences

Create customer segments in Custobar and send them to Meta to reach customers across all Meta platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.


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custobar meta capi integration

Meta Conversions API

The most accurate targeting and optimisation for your ads on Meta platforms with Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration. Transform your ads from good to exceptional by integrating online metrics with offline sales data.

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Sanoma audience

Sanoma Custom Audiences

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company offering newspapers, magazines, tv and radio channels, online and mobile media. With Custobar - Sanoma integration you can use your own customer data in targeting display and video ads in the Sanoma network.

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custobar whatsapp integration

WhatsApp Business

Boost engagement and conversion rates and gain a competitive edge by directly communicating with your customers in the world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp.

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Playable logo


Playable is the gamification platform for marketers. Combining the power of play with the fundamentals of gamification, we unlock playable marketing; using interactivity to engage for extraordinary results.

LoyaltyLion logo


LoyaltyLion is a loyalty and engagement platform. With Custobar integration you can synchronise the LoyaltyLion data to Custobar CDP. You can, for example, utilize the customer loyalty points or loyalty level information in email newsletters, triggered automations and triggered SMS messages.

ReceiptHero logo


ReceiptHero delivers digital receipts automatically from merchants to banking & accounting apps. With the Custobar and ReceiptHero integration, it's possible to identify customers buying from brick and mortar stores and to collect their purchase data via customers payment cards.

Deutsche Post logo

Deutsche Post

Marketing automation for print mailings. Add traditional mailing as one of your marketing automation and campaign channels by integrating Deutsche Post to Custobar.

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Posti logo


Posti is a postal and logistics service provider in Finland. With the Posti integration, customer data like address information will automatically be updated in Custobar. For example, if a customer moves and the address changes, the new address will automatically be changed in Custobar. Posti can also offer enriching to customer data like customer demographics.

Tilroy logo


Increase the value of your store with Tilroy omnichannel retail software. Strengthen the connection with your customers and offer an omnichannel shopping experience where your store, your webshop and your stock form one whole.



Connect your Shopify store with Custobar to visualize data you never knew existed about your customers and create more prosperous, trackable marketing campaigns via email, SMS, push messages, web banners, Google Ads or direct mail. Bring in customer and sales data from any other source too.

Shopware logo

Shopware 6

Are you a Shopware 6 merchant or partner looking for a Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform? Synchronise customers, products and sales data from Shopware 6 to Custobar.

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Magento logo


Magento merchant, empower your customer data and marketing automation with Custobar. Our Magento 2 integration is a powerful tool that seamlessly connects your Magento store with Custobar's Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform. This integration enables you to leverage your customer data from Magento and turn it into actionable insights and personalised multi-channel campaigns.

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WooCommerce logo


Our WooCommerce integration is a powerful solution that allows you to synchronise customer and sales data between your WooCommerce store and Custobar.

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Evolution Solutions logo

Evolution Solutions

Evolution Solutions is a reliable full-service e-commerce agency. Company's e-commerce platform can be cost-effectively tailored for almost every B2C or B2B client's needs.

MyCashflow logo


MyCashflow is an e-commerce platform. When integrating MyCashflow to Custobar, real-time customer, product and sales data will automatically be uploaded to Custobar within a few minutes. You can then make email automations and create other marketing campaigns based on your customer data.

Vilkas logo


Vilkas’ mission is to build better webshops. Whether you are taking the first steps on your e-commerce journey or already on the path to bigger things – every day, Vilkas is guiding over 2000 webshops of all sizes towards success.

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Viskan logo


Viskan is a premium e-commerce platform for companies with high growth ambition. With our in-built Custobar integration, e-commerce managers have a clear & comprehensive omnichannel overview of their customers and aligned marketing automations for improved customer experience.

JTL Wawi logo

JTL Wawi

JTL Wawi x Custobar fulfils all omnichannel or online retailers’ marketing needs. All of your customer, sales and product data is synced automatically from JTL Wawi to Custobar. 

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Lemonsoft logo


Lemonsoft, the Finnish Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, offers a comprehensive package with all the essential functionalities you need from an ERP. Seamlessly integrate your customer, product, and sales data from Lemonsoft to Custobar through our powerful integration.

Frosmo logo


Frosmo is a versatile personalisation software. Their personalisation formula consists of AI-driven product recommendations that optimise each step of the customer journey.

Nosto logo


Nosto is a personalization platform that allows you to deliver personalized shopping experiences to your customers. With Custobar - Nosto integration you can use Nosto product recommendations in your emails.

RichRelevance logo


RichRelevance is a retail customer experience personalization platform. It offers everything from product recommendations, personalized browse and navigation as well as personalized on-site search engine. With Custobar - RichRelevance integration you can use RichRelevance product recommendations in your emails.

Yotpo logo


Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform that offers solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing. When integrated into Custobar, it's possible to, for example, include customer referrals in email marketing product recommendations and personal loyalty point information in all emails.

Freshdesk logo


Freshdesk is a support ticketing system & customer service software. With Custobar - Freshdesk integration you will get support tickets to customer timeline so that you can easily create following automations based on those tickets.

Zendesk logo


Zendesk is a support ticketing system & customer service software. With Custobar - Zendesk integration you will get support tickets to customer timeline so that you can easily create following automations based on those tickets


Flowbox is an award-winning SaaS company offering a visual marketing platform to help brands leverage and distribute content throughout the buyer journey to increase engagement, social proof and sales. Through Flowbox, users can collect, moderate and publish high performing content to their website, online shop, email and social channels.

Google Product Feed

Google Product or Shopping Feed is data that Google uses to display rich information about your products. Custobar's integration with Google Product Feed fetches product data directly from the feed into Custobar


Optinmonster is an easy to use solution to create pop-ups to gather subscribers and leads on your site from the traffic you already have. Custobar and Optinmonster integration syncs the gathered subscribed individuals and people who filled a lead form from Optinmonster to Custobar, thus making them part of your CDP data and marketing.


QuickBI has a ready-to-use integration to Custobar and over a hundred other data sources you can swiftly connect to your BI system. You can import data to Custobar from any source you need, and export data from Custobar to use it elsewhere. With QuickBI, data can be combined and modified easily and efficiently. This makes reporting faster and more versatile and customisable.

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Zapier provides an integration platform that allows you to automate daily tasks that involve using two or more applications. With Zapier you can easily connect customer data changes in Custobar or JSON campaigns to other systems and platforms.

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