Data imports and exports

Data Management

Custobar combines data from physical and digital touchpoints throughout the customer's journey in one place, providing a GDPR-compliant customer data platform.

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Data in and out of Custobar - multiple ways to reach the goal of all data in one

Custobar simplifies access to customer data across various systems with seamless integrations that don't require extensive IT projects. Featuring our integrations, real-time APIs, JSON and CSV support, Custobar ensures straightforward data mapping, filtering, and transformation. Maintain high data quality and leverage customer data from different platforms, overcoming data silos and enhancing marketing efforts.

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Flow – Enriching customer data based on customer behaviour

Flow is Custobar's answer to creating a personal relationship with your customers. With this feature, you can automate your data updates, marketing, and customer service processes to serve your customers individually. 

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GDPR compliance and data processing

Custobar fully complies with GDPR, safeguarding your most valuable asset, customer data, and your customer's privacy. We ensure GDPR compliance with features like data anonymisation, periodic data updates, consent management, and effortless fulfilment of data subject access requests. Unlike most competitors, we are able to process email and SMS in the EU. Additionally, our data centres are located within the European Economic Area (EEA) and adhere to stringent security and privacy standards, giving you peace of mind regarding data security.

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