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Drive growth with marketing automation

Experience the power of marketing automation. Enhance personalisation, relevance, and impact, boosting sales and customer loyalty. Use your customers' data to get to know them, automate multichannel marketing, and provide product recommendations to grow your business. 

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Customer journeys – With your customer from "hello" to happiness

Build captivating customer journeys, from awareness to advocacy, to meet your goals for increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and improved customer retention. Custobar’s marketing automation features, including automated campaign and data enrichment flows, advertising integrations, and more, are your key to covering the whole of your customer’s lifecycle.

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Customer journey

Custobar's platform has not only made us better but has made it possible for us to improve the customer experience.

Ola Olsson

E-Commerce Manager



Campaigns – Drive and track engagement and sales

Create, manage, and optimise campaigns with Custobar’s powerful marketing automation tools. Whether launching a new product, promoting a seasonal sale, or nurturing your existing audience, our platform allows you to deliver personalised and relevant content to the right people at the right time. Our comprehensive and detailed campaign statistics empower you to track performance and refine your approach for maximum impact.

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All our targeted campaigns have reached their right audience, since every targeted campaign that is based on customer segments have had superb open rates and great sales numbers.

Teemu Räsänen

E-Commerce Manager



Multichannel – From a master of one to a master of the right channels

At Custobar, we understand that every brand has unique marketing needs, and every customer has their preferred channels. Our platform offers diverse marketing channels, from the traditional, well-converting cornerstone of email marketing to the modern avenues of push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and display advertising campaigns.

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