Create customer loyalty and conversions with Custobar's marketing campaign and automation features, offering full personalisation and segmentation capabilities.

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Targeted email campaigns - the cornerstone of conversions

Custobar outperforms popular email marketing tools with its deep personalisation features based on comprehensive customer data. Quick and easy email campaign and automation creation, with features like AI product recommendations, personalised content, drag-drop of products, product stickers and much more, take your email campaigns and automations to new conversion levels.

Unlike most competitors, Custobar can process emails within the EU.

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Higher conversions with SMS campaigns to selected audiences

SMS marketing outperforms email campaigns with higher conversions and customer engagement. When executed well and to a willing, well-targeted audience which is easy to reach and recognise with Custobar's 1-way and 2-way SMS campaign and automation capabilities, SMS can be a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy.

Unlike most competitors, Custobar can process SMS messages within the EU.

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SMS campaign

Up to 2.5 times higher engagement rates in WhatsApp

Imagine reaching your target audience directly in their favourite messaging app, which also happens to be an app where consumers are open to receiving newsletters.  WhatsApp Business campaigns are a wise move for the innovative marketer ready to enter a market space still unsaturated by competition.

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custobar whatsapp integration

Create conversions in your apps and websites with push messaging

Push notifications are real-time messages sent to users' devices by apps or websites, engaging them with personalised content, offers, reminders, and updates. Custobar's push campaigns and automations are valuable marketing tools that you can use to deliver timely and personalised content, promotional offers, reminders and important updates in the channel of your choice.

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Push campaign

Campaign statistics

Be it automations or manual campaigns, with Custobar's comprehensive and detailed campaign statistics, you can track performance and refine your approach for maximum impact. The level of insight and data will give you the confidence to make informed marketing decisions.

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Campaign statistics

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