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Enhance your Custobar experience with our advertising and customer loyalty add-ons. These add-ons are designed to supercharge your marketing, identification and loyalty efforts.

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custobar meta capi integration

Meta Conversions API

Achieve the most precise targeting and optimisation for your ads on Meta platforms with Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration. Elevate your ads from good to exceptional by merging online metrics with offline sales data.

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Sanoma audience


Sanoma Media Finland is the foremost multi-channel media company in Finland, offering a diverse range of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels, as well as online and mobile media. By integrating with Custobar, Sanoma enables you to leverage your own customer data to effectively target display and video ads within the Sanoma network.

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custobar whatsapp integration

WhatsApp Business

Connect personally with your customers, boost trust, and forge stronger relationships using Custobar's WhatsApp integration. By leveraging the world's most popular messaging app, you enhance engagement and conversion rates, giving you a competitive advantage through direct communication.

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Mobile loyalty card

Mobile Loyalty Card

Custobar's Mobile Loyalty Card offers multiple advantages over traditional plastic cards: enhanced customer communication through targeted campaigns, increased loyalty via promotions, easy integration, seamless omnichannel experience, and simplified customer identification at the point of sale.

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Instore UI

In-store UI

In-Store UI is a modern interface designed for customer service operations to support customer loyalty. It surpasses traditional POS systems and ERPs by offering a comprehensive 360-degree customer view, enabling better upselling, cross-selling, and customer experiences.

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