Custobar offers a suite of dashboards and tools to measure and predict the success of your marketing.

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In Custobar, audiences refer to segments of your customers. Creating audiences in Custobar is dynamic, with constant updates to customer insights as you look deeper into each segment. Custobar provides comprehensive statistics for each segment, including activity, sales, lifetime value, locations, sales categories, popular brands, and more, empowering you to craft the best possible marketing tactics. You can also save and monitor statistics, such as revenue, per audience through our visual dashboard cards.

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Audiences and segmenting

Campaign statistics

Know the ROI of your campaigns with Custobar. We provide clear campaign statistics, such as actual sales in monetary terms, campaign effectiveness, audience reactions, and detailed insights into in-store and online sales. The campaign statistics are available both in the Custobar user interface and via our campaign API.

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Key figures dashboard

Every time you open Custobar, you are welcomed with the Key figures dashboard, which gives you a quick overview of your customer base's orders and campaign performance. Delve into these metrics for any audience segment and across various timeframes, providing insightful analytics.

Performance dashboard

Custobar's performance dashboard unveils a new realm of monthly insights into your customer database, tracking its growth and data quality and benchmarking your success against various other Custobar clients. Are you curious about your progress in collecting marketing permissions, identifying offline shoppers, or understanding the ratio of active to passive customers? The performance dashboard has the answers you need.

KPIs - Customers, Sales and Mailing lists dashboards

The Customers, Sales, and Mailing Lists dashboards in Custobar offer a comprehensive view of some of the most common metrics, enabling you to confidently make data-driven decisions.  The Customers dashboard provides valuable insights into the growth of your customer database in relation to campaigns. The Sales dashboard shows the effect of campaigns and discounts on your revenue and sales volume. Lastly, the Mailing Lists dashboard presents a timeline of subscriptions and unsubscribes, showing their correlation with various campaigns.

Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Custobar's predictive CLV helps understand and forecast customer worth by considering their unique lifetime with your business, unlike typical CLV calculations. Custobar’s CLV model offers better predictions by factoring in time spent with your business. CLV is one of the easy-to-use visual segmentation criteria you can add to any customer segment with just one click.

Customer satisfaction dashboard

Understanding customer satisfaction is crucial for any business aiming to thrive and maintain a competitive edge. The NPS-compatible survey results of Customer Satisfaction Surveys sent from Custobar are collected on this dashboard, with scores and open feedback. Follow your rating within a chosen time and see customers divided into detractors, passives and proponents.

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Customer satisfaction survey

RFM Matrix

Retailers frequently need help in identifying and engaging their most valuable customers. Custobar's RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) matrix offers a solution by categorising customers into groups such as VIP, new, passive, and at-risk, as well as segmenting them by revenue percentage. This tool allows you to create targeted campaigns directly from the matrix for any audience segment, such as the VIP customers of a specific brand.

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RFM matrix

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