Custobar and Data Security

We believe that customer data is the most valuable asset a company can have. That is why we work every day to keep our clients’ data safe.

1. Your company’s data belongs to your company

Custobar is the place where your customer data from all various touchpoints gets integrated into one system in real-time. No matter what data you bring to Custobar, it all belongs to your company. Custobar does not use the data nor give or sell it to any 3rd parties.

2. Custobar protects your company’s data

Custobar follows the industry standards to protect your company’s data. From a technical standpoint, we follow the most modern information security practices. When developing our product, our team works with data security in mind, and we have embedded it in our work processes that have been reviewed by a 3rd party.

3. Custobar protects your customers’ data

Custobar is GDPR compliant. A 3rd party has audited Custobar both from the process and system perspective, and we do regular audits to our GDPR guideline. Custobar has inbuilt features that help your company to comply with GDPR. You can define roles for staff and give visibility to customer data based on the roles.

Processing of Personal Data is described in further detail in our service terms, section 7.

4. Our data centres are located in the EEA

Custobar's data centres are located in Finland and Germany within the European Economic Area.

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