Target your customers with the most relevant marketing, offering dynamic and predictive segmentation based on continually updated customer data.

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Flow - identify customers at the right time

Flow allows marketers to design visual customer journeys with touchpoints that trigger automated interactions. But how does it relate to segmentation? With its data enrichment and marketing automation capabilities, as well as real-time customer segmentation based on their actions, Flow plays a crucial role. It simplifies customer profiling and enables real-time goal setting and analytics to optimise marketing strategies.

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RFM Matrix knows customers from VIPs to at risk

RFM matrix lets you create targeted campaigns directly from the matrix for any of the valuable segments it provides. Custobar's RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) matrix categorises customers into VIP, new, passive, and at-risk groups and segments them by revenue percentage. In addition, you can filter the results based on other saved audiences, such as customers in a specific location.

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RFM matrix

Use Predictive Customer Lifetime Value to segment

Custobar's predictive CLV is a user-friendly visual segmentation criterion you can add to any customer segment with a single click. Unline standard CLV calculations; our CLV provides understanding and forecast of customer value by considering their unique lifetime with your business.


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