Making good on our promises

Our story

Ever since Custobar’s story started in 2014 in Helsinki by a team well-versed in B2C service company needs, our vision has been to be the leading customer data platform in the market and to provide the best user experience for our customers. Our mission is to help multichannel B2C service providers to utilize their customer data to the fullest in the time of global ecommerce and digitization of the industry.

We already make good on these promises for more than 100 customers in more than 11 countries across Europe and the US. There are more than 1 Billion customer messages sent each year, and our annual growth keeps reaching 200-300%.

Our Story - Juha

The story of Custobar started while I was still in university. As a pilot project I implemented Salesforce into a small record store my friend and I had. I soon found out, that

  • existing sales tools were not built with staff in mind,
  • they didn’t collect data from all touchpoints, and
  • the licence costs with B2C data volume became very high.

Now Record Store Äx is the largest record store in Scandinavia. Custobar continues to serve it well.

Juha Törönen, CTO, Founder

Our Story - Tatu

I am passionate about making customer communication meaningful and fruitful for both the company and its consumers.

There is just all too much mass campaigning and irrelevant messages in the world, despite the possibility of utilizing technology in order to be more relevant.

Furthermore, you can always improve how well you use the data and engage with your customers; you are never ready with it. That makes our journey especially fascinating.

Tatu Kuivalahti, CEO, Co-founder