Customer data platform

Customer Data Platform for omnichannel retailers

Your most valuable asset, customer data, actionable for insightful and targeted marketing to grow your omnichannel or online business. Quickly, powerfully, safely and GDPR-compliantly with Custobar.

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Data management – all customer data for marketing finally in one place

Customer data from physical and digital touchpoints along the customer's journey comes together in Custobar, the GDPR-compliant customer data platform. As an omnichannel retailer, you no longer have to juggle between different sources for your customers' online and offline sales data, online behaviour, customer service connections, and more. In Custobar, it's all in one place, ready for you to take action on your marketing strategies.

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Data management

Custobar helped us to better organise and make use of our data, therefore opening possibilities to us we thought wouldn’t be possible yet.

Daniela Sarlo

Commercial Director



Segmentation –  Gain a deep understanding of your customers and target relevant audiences

Custobar provides dynamic and predictive segmentation features and audiences built on continually updated customer data. The dynamic audiences allow you to gain new perspectives on your customers and business, providing deeper insights into customer segments. Truly knowing your customers enables you to target them with relevant content, ensuring every marketing action resonates with your audiences making marketing  impactful for your business.

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Building target audiences in Custobar is a breeze, thanks to the platform's comprehensive information accessibility, opening up a world of possibilities.

Elise Lemaire

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation



Insights – Measure and predict the success of your marketing

In-depth insights empower you to accurately assess and foresee the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Our Customer Data Platform allows, for example,detailed comparisons between campaigns stating their ROI and highlighting what works best to engage your customers. You will better understand how your customer database develops regarding growth and activeness and be able to take actions to increase customer satisfaction and maintain and improve the quality of your data. 

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