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Leverage customer data to grow your business. From small businesses to enterprise-level corporations – our plans cater your needs.

Explore our pricing options and discover how Custobar can help you achieve your goals with ease and efficiency. If you have any questions or need personalised recommendations, our Sales team is here to help.


Best choice for up to 300 000 contacts.
Starts at

498 €/ Month

Includes 20,000 contacts and monthly emails. Additional contacts and emails are available.

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Medium and Large

Best choice for 300 000 to 1 000 000 contacts.
Perfect for expanding companies aiming to deepen customer engagement. Unleash the power of advanced segmentation and targeted marketing strategies across multiple channels.

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Best choice for over 1 000 000 contacts.
Tailored and ideal fit for enterprise-level businesses that aim to transform their substantial data into insights that drive dynamic, customer-centric strategies, thereby achieving unparalleled growth and maintaining market leadership in highly competitive environments.

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Custobar licences encompass all features, including these top favourites that are now part of the bundle: AI-empowered Product Recommendations, Meta (Facebook) Custom Audiences, Google Customers Match, 2-way SMS, and an email package.

Email campaigns and automations

Create compelling, targeted email campaigns and automations according to your brand. Easily drag products and AI-recommended products into emails. All licences include a monthly email package.

Two-way SMS campaigns and automations Now included

Enhance your marketing strategy with personalised SMS campaigns and automations, engaging your audience with one-way or two-way messages - one of the best converting marketing channels.

Push campaigns and automations

Attract and retain users through targeted push notifications to your users' devices. Create custom push campaigns and automations that drive engagement and retention.

Campaign analytics

Comprehensive analytics gives deep insights into your email, SMS and push marketing campaigns. You can track performance amongst different audiences, optimise strategies, and make data-driven decisions to maximise ROI. 

Product recommendations Now included

Boost your sales with personalised and generic product recommendations based on sales and behavioural data. Our AI algorithms suggest items your customers will love, increasing conversion rates.

Meta custom audiences Now included

Maximise your Facebook and Instagram ad impact by targeting your ideal customers. Create segments based on any customer interactions to reach the best engagement and ROI.

Google customer match Now included

Enhance your Google Ads targeting by segmenting customers based on their interactions with your brand. Reach ideal customers, both existing and potential, and boost engagement as well as ROI.

Customer journey and marketing automation flows

Create personalised customer journeys to enhance your brand, impress your customers, and retain them. Automate data updates, marketing, and customer service processes for individual nurturing and service.

Dynamic audience builder

Easily create customer segments based on various data points such as products purchased, location, lifetime value, and custom data. Use graphs and searches to define your audience further and target your ideal customers.

360° customer view

Achieve a holistic view of your customers when customer data from all customer touchpoints comes together in a 360° customer view and timeline. Customise the view for different roles and use cases within your organisation.

Predictive customer lifetime value

Use Custobar's CLV calculation to understand and predict the worth of your customers or customer segments. Leverage this information to segment your audience and target your campaigns effectively.

RFM Matrix

Know your customers with the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value matrix. Recognise the best and most valuable customers, just as well as the ones who have become passive or you're at risk of losing, and target campaigns to these segments.

Web behaviour tracking

Track your customers' browsing activity, including adding items to shopping baskets or custom events, in your online store. Use the gained information in targeted marketing and automations to recommend products your customers will likely purchase.

Customer data enriching flows

Build visual, automated customer journeys to enrich customer profiles with additional customer data points. Flow helps you connect with your customers at the right time and update customer information to benefit your brand connection.

Customisable data model

Add custom data fields for any data type to your data schema to make Custobar suit your business needs. Use custom data fields in segmenting, to reach customers imperative to your marketing needs.

Multichannel data matching

Collect and combine customer data from any source, like e-commerce platform, ERP or POS in Custobar. Create your marketing strategy based on knowing your customers and having visibility into every point on their customer journey.

Integrations and APIs

Synchronise your data across multiple platforms with Custobar’s comprehensive integrations, custom integrations, data sources and robust APIs for incoming and outgoing data flows.

Email packages

All Custobar licences come with a monthly email package, and you can purchase additional packages to meet your email messaging requirements.

SMS packages

Every Custobar licence includes two-way SMS campaigns and automation features. SMS packages can be purchased separately to meet messaging requirements.

In-store UI / CRM

Provide your in-store staff with a complete 360° view of each customer, allowing them to understand better and serve their individual needs at the point of sale with the option to edit the customer's data.

Mobile loyalty card

Make it easy for customers to identify themselves in physical stores with a Mobile loyalty card. Open up new communication channels, such as publishing targeted campaigns to the Mobile loyalty card.

Meta Conversions API

Optimise your ads holistically on meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram) with Custobar’s Meta CAPI integration. Elevate your ads from good to outstanding by combining online metrics with offline sales data.

Sanoma Custom Audiences

Reach customers in the advertising network of Finland’s largest media company, Sanoma. Create segments based on any customer interactions to reach the best engagement and ROI.

Support in English and German

Highly rated by our customers, our dedicated Support team is available by email in English and German.

Business review meetings

Regular business review meetings with our Customer Success team. We’ll help you get the most out of Custobar!

User training

Training of new key users of Custobar for established Custobar customers

Multilanguage user interface

Custobar is available in English, German, Finnish, French and Dutch. All messaging templates and currencies are customisable to any language.

User licences and authentication

Each plan includes five Custobar user licences. Google authentication and Azure authentication are available as add-ons.


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