Instore UI

The Custobar in-store UI for uniquely personal customer experience

Custobar’s in-store UI is modern and intuitive as well as a simple-to-use user interface for basic customer service operations. The reason it will beat point of sale (POS) systems and ERPs that are in use in physical stores is the 360° customer view. 

When a sales person sees every purchase and transaction the customer has ever made, it is easy to upsell, cross-sell, and overall provide a uniquely superior customer experience.

The best part: the Custobar In-Store User Interface, which functions as an In-Store CRM, can be integrated into your current POS or ERP system. So, business as usual, but with an unbeatable competitive edge! Also for the personnel in call centers.

The perfect in-store UI for the point of sale in retail

Finding out everything you need to know about a customer is not all you can do at the cash counter. Your cashiers/salespeople can edit and add to the customer details, such as contact information or changes in preferences. They can also create new customers and add existing ones to your company’s loyalty program, for instance.

There’s a wide variety of reasons why you should have the Custobar In-Store UI:

  • Quick and easy edits and view to customer data at the point-of-sale (POS) for the whole staff (or the ones with user rights)
  • Finding customers and editing their data quick and easy as well
  • Having a visual view of the identified customer can be especially valuable when the average order/purchase value is high and/or there is time for giving the customer the VIP treatment
  • Getting data from your in-store sales
  • Being able to access in-store sales data and to use it for marketing campaigns

The Custobar In-Store UI has been developed with our retail clients. For that reason it is superior to other POS systems for all point-of-sale needs.

The user interface can be used at your POS’ main screen or secondary screen. It can also be used on mobile devices in the store making it easy to heighten the customer experience at the store floor. The UI is available in English, German and Dutch.