Corporate sustainability and responsibility

At Custobar, we recognise the critical importance of corporate sustainability and responsibility in today's global landscape. Our approach integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations, ensuring that we meet and exceed our responsibilities towards the environment, our employees, and the communities we serve. 

Commitment to sustainable office practices

We operate in a shared office environment, which allows us to use resources efficiently. Our office is located in a property designed in accordance with the principles of the BREEAM environmental system, which can be seen, for example, in the building's energy use and waste management.

Our office is obviously paperless, and we trust in digital work methods to produce as little waste as possible. We manage our operations in cloud services that run on renewable energy.

Working remotely was an essential practice for us even before COVID. We do 80 % of our workdays and most of the sales meetings remotely. We prompt our team to make only necessary and effective travel to keep traffic emissions as low as possible, which also increases our team's everyday flexibility.

Embracing diversity and equality

We celebrate our diverse team and the perspectives and experiences that each team member contributes. As a multicultural team, we appreciate the benefits of different backgrounds and recognise the importance of gender and age diversity. We have a balanced gender distribution within our team and put emphasis on making sure that we offer equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, age, or gender. Our recruitment processes are designed to be inclusive, and we pay special attention to the images and language we use.

Our flat hierarchy encourages team members to contribute ideas, participate in decision-making processes, and take ownership of their work. We value the contributions of each individual, irrespective of their position within the organisation, and believe that everyone has a unique perspective to offer.

Besides working towards equality in our operations, we understand our privileged position in society, and that’s why we want to give back by making regular donations to social causes.

Empowering employee-wellbeing

We are aware of the importance of a healthy work-life balance and believe that employees can only be their best selves at work when they have the means to maintain their well-being. That's why we prioritise and promote healthy habits during work days to ensure our team members thrive professionally and personally and support sports and wellbeing activities as one employee benefit.

Besides remote work practices, we believe flexibility is key to balancing work and personal life. That's why we offer flexible working hours, allowing our employees to find a balance that suits their individual needs. 

Continual learning is at the core of our company's culture. We believe that growth and development are essential not only for individual success but also for the collective progress of our organisation. We encourage our team members to expand their knowledge, explore new ideas, acquire new skills, and support their efforts.

Dedication to data protection

Data is your most valuable asset – let's protect it together! At Custobar, we're all about keeping your data safe with our top-notch protection measures. We want you and your clients to feel confident knowing that confidentiality and security are our top priorities.

Your data stays yours. We promise that any data you share with Custobar remains your company's property. We constantly develop our data security practices and processes which are regularly subjected to 3rd party audits.

For more information on Custobar’s data protection practices