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Customer journey - personalised all the way

Create customer journeys encompassing every stage, from initial awareness to post-purchase with Custobar. Do it individually, effortlessly automated, for each customer because you know them.

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A customer data and marketing automation platform like Custobar is the way to transform your marketing strategy from utilising just plain mass email marketing to one that utilises detailed customer insights to communicate individually and increase conversions as well as customer stickiness. With Custobar, you can automate personalised marketing tasks such as birthday and welcome emails, loyalty program messages, abandoned baskets and product recommendations while significantly improving customer engagement simply because you know your customer.

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Know the individual – Customer 360° view

Custobar's 360° customer view offers a fully customisable perspective, revealing each customer as unique with insights into their purchases, AI-recommended products, customer satisfaction and more. This comprehensive tool empowers in-store and customer service professionals by providing easily accessible, editable, and customisable customer information. It enables personalised experiences and targeted sales in real-time interactions, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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Customer 360

Targeted email campaigns - the cornerstone of conversions

Custobar outperforms popular email marketing tools with its deep personalisation features based on comprehensive customer data. Quick and easy email campaign and automation creation, with features like AI product recommendations, personalised content, drag-drop of products, product stickers and much more, take your email campaigns and automations to new conversion levels.

Unlike most competitors, Custobar can process emails within the EU.

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Multichannel campaigns – approach individuals in the best-performing channels

Custobar creates a consistent customer experience across all meaningful touchpoints of a customer's journey. We provide you with all the necessary multichannel marketing campaign and automation possibilities, from email and two-way SMS to push messages, Meta and Google advertising, and much more. Custobar knows your customers and which channels convert for each individual, bringing you more conversions, savings, and efficiency.

multichannel marketing custobar

Customer journey tool Flow binds it all together

While all of the above is possible in Custobar without Flow, Flow is the tool for building specific, visualised customer journeys that accentuate your brand, wow your customers, and make them stick with you. With Flow, you can automate your data updates, marketing, and customer service processes to serve your customers individually.

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