Customer 360

More upselling opportunities and better customer service with the 360° customer view

Customer data from all touch points in one, single, unified, and accessible 360° view. You can see the key statistics of the customer behaviour and transactions: browsing data, online sales data, mobile app data, customer service tickets, and even purchase data from brick-and-mortar locations - in real time!

The 360° customer view is especially useful for customer service professionals, both in call-centres and in physical locations. Customer information is accessible for helping customers via chat, email or phone, and in one-on-one encounters.

The 360° view can be customised for different user roles, and tweaked to show exactly the data that is vital for your business at the touch point in question. These include data on loyalty levels, the product categories and/or brands the customer favours, and where they do most of their shopping. Looking at the timeline of a customer and seeing when they bought what products or brands might also be a great clue as to what to recommend to the customer next.

The 360° view takes away five key pain points from data-driven marketers:

  1. All customer data in one place:
    • No more cluttered data.
    • No more separate online and offline sales data.
    • Data no longer scattered across tools and systems (CRM data, customer service tool data, etc.)
  2. Agile and on-point marketing made easy with real time data collection
  3. Personalised omnichannel approach enabled, because creating targeted campaigns is easy when you know the customer behind the data.
  4. Knowing all your customer’s touch points helps deciding which marketing strategy and which marketing channel works best for them.
  5. All relevant customer data available for the people that need it with customisable user roles (people in stores/physical locations, customer service people, marketing managers…).

Know your customers like the local shop owner even with a multi-million euro business

We believe that customer service is at its best when the customer service rep or sales person actually knows the customer they are interacting with. Let’s say that a customer walking into your store says that they might be interested in a product on sale that was highlighted in your last email marketing campaign. Would the customer not be wowed by the level of excellence in your customer service, when the till or POS person can quickly check the last email the customer opened and already know what product the customer might be looking for?

An example: For Kekäle, a Finnish clothing retailer, data comes from multiple sources, such as their ERP and PIM systems as well as their eCommerce platform. Purchase data, browsing data, campaign activity data and a customer’s personal data is updated to Custobar in real time and can be viewed at the 360-degree customer view.


"We have received a lot of new insights for our marketing. Those insights are what we were missing before we started working with Custobar. Comprehensive dashboards, the complete 360 view of loyal customers, and sophisticated targeting tools help us serve our customers even better."





The 360° customer view as well as the customer timeline can be configured and edited to highlight the most important details about a customer, or to speed up the process of gathering customer information by customer service or in-store staff. It is also good to note that it also functions as an in-store CRM. Customer data can be modified, updated and enriched in the 360-degree customer view by both employees at the physical locations and customer service personnel.