Product recommendations

Improve customer experience and boost sales with Custobar's product recommendations

Incorporating dynamic product recommendations enhances the customer experience and significantly increases sales in the retail sector.

Utilising online and offline sales data

Custobar leverages data from digital and physical touchpoints in its product recommendations. By integrating your offline data, you can significantly enhance your online recommendations, leveraging insights to drive sales across various channels. Utilising product recommendations as dynamic content in your emails, apps, and other platforms can not only improve the customer experience but also boost sales in retail. This is achieved by making relevant data readily available to salespeople, ensuring that the recommendations are both timely and pertinent.

Customer-specific and generic recommendations

Custobar offers both customer-specific and generic recommendations, drawing on a wealth of source data from sales and customer events or actions. Additionally, it allows for product recommendation exclusions, such as frequently sold items like plastic bags, ensuring that your recommendations remain relevant and targeted. At the heart of our system is an advanced AI algorithm, designed to refine and improve the quality of these recommendations continually.