5. Content templates

Content templates are the way to create and manage the visual outlook and the base for emails, banner campaigns, unsubscribe pages and mobile loyalty cards. All the templates are done using basic HTML and some Custobar specific tags. Below are details on these.


Templates are the base of any content template like email. The template has template specific configurations and the content itself consists of modules, which can be done and edited separately. In the next chapter you can read more about the modules.

In most cases different templates are designed for different language versions for different markets or for different brands. When creating the template you should give a descriptive name for the template like “Custobar EN - Newsletter”. Things like language, default sender name and sender address can also be defined in the template settings. One great feature is that you can select from which store_id products are attached to this template, brilliant when you do marketing to several different markets.

Read more about creating and managing templates and creating your own templates with the template designer.


Email modules are the parts which make the template. One module can be attached to several templates. When creating the campaign message, you can drag and drop the modules you want to include to the email or take some of them away.

Custobar already has a huge amount of possible email modules for your templates and you can choose which ones you want to use.